Hand Braided Duck Call Lanyards & Goose Call
Lanyards by Goose Noose Lanyards


Goose Noose Lanyards are hand made lanyards for serious waterfowl hunters. All of our game call lanyards are hand made from the highest quality materials and feature a staggered drop design to keep your duck calls and goose calls from banging into each other. All lanyards feature burnt ends for added durability and have no wrapped or glued ends to come apart in the field. All of our products are 100% guaranteed to withstand the harshest conditions that waterfowl hunters endure on a daily basis.

Goose Noose Lanyards offers custom sizes and additional drops on all of our game call lanyards. If you would like a custom game call lanyard please let us know and we will work with you to design a lanyard that fits your needs for the field or the stage.

All of our duck call lanyards and goose call lanyards are custom made by Charles Powell one at a time and have been field tested under the harshest conditions prior to their release.

Charles Powell
Goose Noose Lanyards
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